Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at When We Were Hungry Festival!

You may submit your online vendor application below OR email us directly with the requirements stated below. Initial applications will be reviewed and submissions will be accepted until all spaces are filled.

Filling out an application does not guarantee participation or involvement, please do not send any currency with your payment.

For questions or inquiries while filling out this application, please contact us at


 Information Required for Application

1) Contact/Business Information
2) Company Name
3) Federal TAX ID (or) SS #*
4) Mail Address
5) Vendor Space Details
6) Product List / Explanation
7) Photos (Required)


  • Proof of Liability and Auto Insurance
  • Certificate of Insurance listing Real Good Management LLC &/or Allure Event Co LLC as additionally insured. *Please ask.*
  • Any required County Permits necessary for the event period.


Please take a moment to review pertinent rules and regulations for all vendors before continuing on to the application. If you feel you cannot commit to/comply with the following rules, please do not continue the application process.

FESTIVAL HOURS: On event days, vendors are expected to be open, staffed and ready for business when the gates open and are required to operate continuously until the “official gates close” time. Closing early is not permitted and if your stand is found un-staffed, it will be grounds for dismissal. As the festival gates are open until XXXX, we allow and encourage you to stay open later than 10:30pm to serve the remaining patrons.

REQUIRED HOURS (Subject to change):
Saturday: 3:00pm – 10:00pm *Gates Open & Close*
TENTS: ABSOLUTELY NO POP-UP TENTS WILL BE ALLOWED. This applies to your vending set-up, storage-area, etc. Pop-up tents present a hazard to staff, patrons and anyone at the festival as they cannot be properly secured. Any/All tents must be secured to the ground and MUST be made up of Government approved and Fire Rated canvas. Exceptions will not be made and you will be denied set-up/access to the festival if you do not have proper tenting arranged. West Coast Music Festival will help facilitate tent rentals, if needed, during the contract process.
LOCATION RESPONSIBILITY: You are responsible for the cleanliness of your vending location during the festival and clean-up following the end of the festival. If your vending site is found with items or trash remaining following load-out, your security deposit will be forfeited.
ALCOHOL: Vendors are not allowed to sell, give away or consume alcoholic beverages while “on the clock.” NO alcohol is permitted at vending site at any time. Operating your booth space while consuming alcohol, or while intoxicated is grounds for immediate dismissal and security deposit forfeiture.
RETAIL PRICES: All prices must include sales tax and be visible at all times during business hours. You are only approved to sell the products listed within your contract. Once the festival is 60 days away, menu edits/requests may not be considered.


PARTICIPATION FEES: $6/Square Foot OR $8.00/Square Foot for prime or corner locations.

TENTING: If you do not have the approved tenting or other applicable structure, we will help facilitate a tent rental package for the event. (See explanation above) The packages include the following: Tent structure, full 4-wall sidewall, basic lighting and basic power. Packages begin at $500 and increase based on required tent sizing.

POWER: If you rent a tent package, basic power will already be included. If you are bringing your own vending setup or have additional power needs, the cost will be determined based on the table below:

  • 110/120 Volt Connection
  • Up To 20 AMPS – $225
  • 30 AMPS (3 Conductor twist) – $275
  • 220/240 Volt Connection
  • Up to 60 AMPS – $280
  • 60-100 AMPS – $350


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